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CoinsWelcome to, your guide to the history of coins as currency, some of the most famous coins from all around the world, the exciting hobby of coin collecting, and the ways of determining the values of coins!

Coins have been around with us since the very early civilizations–as humanity has discovered metal as both useful and precious, people have used coins made out of various metal alloys as a form of currency, to facilitate the trade and exchange of various consumer goods, products, weapons, etc. Besides their obvious value as currency, a role in which they are still widely used all around the world, coins have also served a purpose as decorations and commemorative objects, being used as forms of artistic expression to immortalize certain historical events and characters.
The history of coins is very exciting, with coins of all different shapes, sizes, materials and uses having been minted over the past few millennia, from ancient Greek and ancient Roman coins, through medieval coins, and the coins in common use today.

One of the most exciting aspects of coins is the hobby of coin collecting. There are many coin buyers around the world who purchase all kinds of ancient coins, rare coins, commemorative coins, and other things coin related, and often have huge coin collections. People can buy coins as a form of investment–many think, especially considering today’s economic volatility and a loss of faith in the current financial system based on printed "fiat money," that coins made out of valuable hard metals are a worthy investment–and many others just buy them for fun, like any other collector’s hobby. The values of coins are determined by a number of factors, as you can find out in more detail under the relevant tab above.