Famous Coins

Throughout the history of coins, there have been coins of innumerable different shapes, sizes, materials (especially precious metals like gold and silver, but also other metals and metal alloys), used in various cultures and assigned different values. Many of these coins throughout the ages have fallen into disuse, and about the vast majority of them we don’t know what they looked like, or how much they were worth. There are however famous coins out there that many people have heard of, and that are often coveted by devoted coin buyers and coin collectors, either as a form of investment, or as a point of personal pride and the pursuit of the coin collecting hobby.

One of the most famous coins in modern times is the U.S. Silver Dollar of us are aware, the one-dollar bill is the lowest denomination of American paper money. But most of us have also heard of, if not seen or used, the famous Silver Dollar. The name might actually be misleading, because not all silver dollars are made of silver–it is just a general reference to any dollar coin that is made out of white metals. These often have a theme at any given period that they’re minted; for instance, at the time of this writing the U. S. Mint is creating silver dollar coins to commemorate famous American presidents. Before the Presidential Dollar Coin, there was also a Sacagawea Dollar commemorating the great American Indian leader, as well as a Susan B. Anthony Dollar coin, among many others.

Famous coins, whether in contemporary usage as currency or not, are generally a worthy addition to the collection of any dedicated coin buyer.